Sometimes It’s The Simple Things.

When I first fell into melancholy music (not literally) all those years ago, alongside the more commercial artists I started to investigate (not literally – neither commercial (I’m still not sure if Tom McRae can ever really be seen as commercial), nor my investigation of them (I’ve never investigated Tom McRae, despite attending several gigs(…)

That Moment.

If you’re an aficionado of live music, you must know that moment. You know, THAT moment. I’ve posted about THAT moment before, when seeing Tom McRae live a couple of years ago, and at the time, said: I had one revelationary moment. I love music – completely and utterly – but sometimes, it goes beyond(…)

A Punch In The Stomach.

Holy crap. Just, holy crap. Songs come in many forms. They can slowly sneak up on you, requiring multiple plays before they become something you can’t do without. They can catch your attention early, demanding immediate repeat listening. They can be shit, like One Direction (seriously, “Best British Single” at the BRIT Awards?). And some(…)

What Were You Doing At 19?

I was in college at 19, halfway through my degree, wondering what the world would hold for me. I wasn’t producing music like that of Gabrielle Aplin, an English singer-songwriter who has produced a song which I’m officially putting forward as One Of The Most Affecting Songs Of 2010™. From her 2010 Acoustic EP (an(…)

Oh The Profanity.

After the profanity-filled rant of my last post (I do apologise to those of a gentler disposition than myself), I’m afraid it’s necessary for me to profane againm with my second-ever post on the wonderful Startled Bunny, from Scotland. Sorry, Frightened Rabbit. I posted about Frightened Rabbit three years ago (three years? Jebus…), and on(…)

One Listen And It’s Love.

And it’s happened again. A couple of weeks ago, I was at work, when one of my friends, Niall, decided to message me about an upcoming gig. “Dude, have you heard Ben Howard? He’s AMAZING, and he’s playing in the Academy in March. Listen to this, and wanna go?” Well, Niall isn’t an American surfer-type,(…)


I came across a wonderful song recently – 5 people playing a song on a single guitar… Once the novelty wore off (no, no it still hasn’t, to be honest…), I tracked down the original song to an artist called Gotye (pronounced “Gore-ti-yeah”). And found, to quote from a comment on YouTube on one of(…)

The Other Half Of Me.

I’ve posted about Kina Grannis before, proposing marriage. Which she didn’t accept, sadly. I know you all want to know these things. Tonight, it’s a simple post. I give you Kina’s “Stay Just A Little” . A little piano, a little plucked guitar, THAT voice, with just a hint of backing vocals, telling a tale(…)

An Iontach

James Vincent McMorrow. There’s not a huge amount of else around, information-wise, about the Irishman with three names. He’s Irish. He released his first album, “Early In The Morning”, in 2010. It’s fucking good. From a man who utilises hushed tones and musical soundscapes reminiscent of Bon Iver, I give you “We Don’t Eat” –(…)

1-Way Bromance.

William Fitzsimmons. Three times in the last three and a half years, I’ve posted about William Fitzsimmons – from the folktronica, to the folk, and back to his using his tronic-making device again. Last Monday, I had the absolute and utter pleasure of seeing William live here in Dublin, in a tiny venue of a(…)