I Did A Brave Thing Yesterday.

I didn’t buy a copy of the Observer. What? What do you mean, you don’t understand? Sigh. Fine, some context. For the last 3 years, I’ve been buying the Observer once a month – every time the Observer Music Monthly is included. Over the last few months, I’ve found myself more and more disappointed. I(…)

A Confession

I deleted a large chunk of my music collection last night. On purpose. What?!?, I hear you scream. How could you?!?, I hear you yell. (Well, I don’t. But humour me). Don’t worry, dearest reader. This blog will still live, and my passion for music continues. Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching my(…)

The Music Industry Today

I’ve recently come across a pair of rather excellent articles on the state of the music industry today. Some people may agree with these in their entirety; some may agree with some points but not with others; while some may argue vehemently against these. However, they’ll all get you thinking…. Rob at has written(…)

Music Snobbery

I’ll admit, I do, on occasion, turn up my nose at music, and I know I shouldn’t. I can be closed-minded, only letting down my guard after a long battle, when I finally admit I was wrong: that the genre I’ve been saying is crap throws me an album that I really like; that a(…)

Good Taste Abounds….

You’ll notice I’ve updated my blogroll (the list of sites I link to, because I like ‘em). I’ve added a large number of great sites I’ve recently come across. In keeping this blog updated, I’ve found I’ve needed to search long and hard for a lot of music – some I’ve heard before, some I’ve(…)

Buying Music Online

After my rant earlier about the state of music today, my faith has been restored. Firstly, by listening to more Joe Purdy – three full albums, and not a single song skipped. Secondly, by buying a large number of Joe Purdy albums for not a huge amount of money. Thirdly, by buying from CDBaby. Why?(…)

A Rant About Music

After purchasing the latest copy of Rolling Stone, I’ve found myself angry (as ever) with the state of music today. Looking at the charts, I really find myself feeling lost and lonely. From the Billboard Charts: Keith Urban – Greatest Hits Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana 2 (Soundtrack)/Meet Miley Cyrus Jay-Z – American Gangster OneRepublic(…)

A Post Here, A Post There…

I’ve had a few people ask about the intermittancy of my posting. For the last few evenings, I’ve had a long think about this I’ve prepared some old songs for posting, I’ve opened my file transfer programme, but when it comes to moving them across, I’ve found myself hesitating. Why, I head you ask? Well,(…)

So Angry, I Shout At The Television

I’ve been unfortunate enough to watch Mobileact two weeks in a row now. The second time, today,was to see if what I thought from the first time was true, or if I was mistaken. Unfortunately, I’m not. This detestable, despicable programme is proof that the UK music scene is completely and utterly destroyed. The promise:(…)