Have you ever had your friends or family stop you playing a CD in the car, as they want something a little “happier”?

Have you ever had your workmates stop you playing music out loud, as they’re not sure they can handle “your taste” at the moment?

And yet, have you ever had all your friends ask you on a regular basis what you’re listening to now, and what you recommend?

Well, I have. And so I’ve created GYMO. The purpose of the site is:

  • To give my friends somewhere to see what I’m listening to
  • To broadcast my general music tastes to the wider world, and hopefully have my audience start to love some of the music I do
  • To vent my thoughts & grievances on the state of music today
  • To bring you the best videos from around the world
  • To get everyone’s melancholy on

My music tastes are, put politely, all over the place. I’m a sucker for alt-country, for GWG (girls or guys with guitars), for singer-songwriters, for shouty, angsty teen rock. I listen to country, rock, pop, emo, dance, opera, classical and world music, and everything in between. And yet, I’m a little bit of a music snob – I do have my indulgences (a love of 80’s music, a small collection of pop gems….), and yet I really detest (generally) music you would think I like. Bands I don’t own albums by include:

  • The Doors
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Oasis
  • Blur
  • Radiohead
  • Elliot Smith
  • Britney
  • X-tina
  • The Strokes
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Pink Floyd
  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Van Morrison
  • Ben Harper
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • The Beatles
  • Neil Young
  • The White Stripes
  • Nirvana

So, I love anything with a melody. In most genres. But with a huge number of exceptions. I hope that makes things clear.

Enjoy the site. Leave comments. Leave requests. Make suggestions. And enjoy.


  1. Music Suggestion:

    Anything by a singer called Daughter. I’ve recently come across your website and I believe we have very similar tastes in music. Daughter is one of those singers that will spark that “moment” you speak of. A hauntingly beautiful voice with even more hauntingly beautiful lyrics.

    These two songs are my favorite and I’m more than sure you will love her:



    If that doesn’t get your melancholy on, I’m not sure what will!

  2. Hey there, my name is Tom Maxwell. I’m a singer/songwriter from VA with newly released, debut album called “Somebody”. I think some of the songs would really interest you and would appreciate it if you would check them out. One tune in particular, “Three”, has been nicknamed ‘the suicide song’ by my girlfriend. I’ll post a few links.

    “Three”: http://soundcloud.com/tom-maxwell-music/three-tom-maxwell-mp3

    “Just Gone”: http://soundcloud.com/tom-maxwell-music/just-gone-tom-maxwell-mp3

    Official Website: http://www.tommaxwellmusic.com

    Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy the music.


  3. Music Suggestion/Submission!!

    I represent a musician named Brian Doherty who has a really unique sound, one that I believe would fit in with the music you like to share with people. It ranges from indie to alternative to pop rock; the kind of music that gets stuck in your head (that we’d like to think of as timeless as well).

    A little background on him: he’s previously been the drummer for They Might Be Giants, XTC, Freedy Johnson, and Ben Folds. Recently he has released a new album with his new band, Treat + Release. As our friend PJ Pacifico says “If Matthew Sweet and Ben Kweller jammed backstage at a Pixies show, you’d hear If You Love Me by Treat + Release. Pure power pop ear candy! I love this song!”

    Check them out on FB and youtube! We’d love for you to feature them on your blog.

    Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/briandohertydrummer
    Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjAOnazmTDY

  4. Over the last 2 months, I traveled across the USA by Greyhound bus, writing songs with the less fortunate, and creating an album and radio show with a grant from Soundcloud.

    Here’s a song off the record called Mexican Coke

    I’d love if you can help spread the word on this project. Many of the performers on this radio show/ album are below the poverty level and will never have their music heard. Supporters can get things like a romantic postcard from me, an outgoing answering machine message from Christopher Walken, or even a skype recording session with me.


    Radio Show

    The Album

    love and thanks,

  5. hi there,

    please see a press release for Sons Et Al.’s new release Outliers

    Media Release
    Monday, November 12, 2012

    Sons et al. turn over a new page with the release of their third track from the debut EP ‘Outliers’

    Melbourne indie-electro darlings, Sons et al, return with another exciting release entitled ‘Outliers’ lifted from their forthcoming self titled EP. Their first single ‘See Me Run’ was an instant success scoring rave reviews from the Triple J team with Maggie Collins saying “from the second that synthy staccato sound kicks in, there’s an instant hook to this song” and Dave Howe hitting the nail on the head claiming “I reckon I’ll be hearing that voice a lot this summer!”

    The band leads down a somewhat darker path with the release of the third track from the debut EP, ‘Outliers’. The somber track will no doubt capture the likes of all the broken-hearted listeners with its melancholy lyrics and desolate sounds.

    After earning premium airtime on Triple J with their previous hits “See Me Run” and “What Are You Waiting For?” plus the success of the pumping sell out gig at Melbourne’s The Toff on October 27th and the release of the quirky film clip for ‘See Me Run’ the band has its hooks into the indie scene and has reeled in an impressive fan base. The fans asked for more so that’s just what they got with Sons et al.’s new release.

    ‘Outliers’ uncovers a completely different side of the band unlike the feel good cheekiness brought by ‘See Me Run’. Nonetheless, the music is still above A-grade with the vocals by Nicholas Acquroff (the only member of the band that is not related to the rest) absolutely killing it with the deeper tunes.

    Take a listen and decide which side of Sons et al. you like best – cheeky or sensitive?


    24th December – Tone Deafs’ 3rd Birthday, Ding Dong Lounge, w/Twinsy
    14th December – Ratbag Present’s MUM @ world bar
    15th December – Beresford Upstairs (headline)

  6. I recently had the pleasure of producing a video that features “Please Come Over” by Chicago rockers Geronimo! The song was used with their full consent.They love it and have been promoting it on their Facebook page. The abstract imagery on the video was dictated by the feel of the song and some people have told me that it has a kind of Twin Peaks / David Lynch feel. Interestingly, since I shot the video I have found out that Twin Peaks did, in fact, inspire the feel of the song when Kelly Johnson
    wrote it so this entire artistic process feels to me like it was meant to be. A creative kismet.

    Just trying to get the word out about the video. Hope that people see it and hope that it helps to promote this wonderfully haunting song. Please let me know what you think and if you might even possibly feature “Geesten”-

    Geronimo – their album Exanimate on Bandcamp (first 3 songs dnld for pay what you want) and the back story about “Please Come Over” :


    Thanks so much-

  7. Hi

    Just thought we’d share a link to our new double A-side single – Run From Sirens, and Another Life for review and to share to your readers on your site.


    and the video for Run From Sirens:

    We’re an English Indie rock band formed in Brighton in the Winter of 2011.

    The name derived from a farcical argument over many, many weeks trying to conjure up something that would fit. We do all agree on the music; Big, full sound with a good melody.

    After a productive 2012 touring the south of England, we release our debut single – Run from Sirens on Monday 18th February 2013.
    It was produced by Abbey Road Engineer Pete Hutchings (Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine) at Yellow Fish Music Group Studio in East Sussex.

    Upcoming dates:

    20th Feb – The Square, Petersfield
    21st Feb – The Scream Lounge, Croydon
    22nd Feb – Monto Water Rats, London
    23rd Feb – The Shelley Arms, Horsham

    If you need any more info, please send us a email.


    Half Hour Hotel


  8. Dear Get Your Melancholy On,

    My name is Brandon Leslie. As a bit of back round, my band “The West” has spent the last 5 months working on a five song EP with producer DJ Schwartz (Jez Dior). I was turned on to your blog by my friend James a while back and I really dig what you do. I discovered “Castle Lights” from the write-up you did on them and I have been a fan ever since!

    Anyway, I’m writing to let you know about the current project that I am involved with. It’s called “The West,” a female fronted group with a few guys to balance out the mix.

    We are a fairly new band but have been trying to turn more people onto our self titled five song EP. We have been giving our music away for free in exchange for an email address. We’ve been working on a bunch of new stuff, with the thought that we’ll get another new album and music video done before summer with Director Daniel Iglesias (The Neighbourhood)

    If you haven’t checked it out, you can either stream or download our single “Wild Hearts” from our Sound Cloud:

    “Wild Hearts” Download: https://soundcloud.com/thewestmusic/wild-hearts

    Okay. I hope you enjoy the song. If you do decide to post something about it, that’d be amazing. If not, thank you anyways and we all love and enjoy your blog.

    Take good care and thanks for your time,


  9. Hey
    Santiago Street Machine’s new video for “Holes” is now available and we’d love it if you could feature it on Get Your Melancholy On. We noticed you like Totally Fuzzy, who posted it today.

    It’s released on 10th March through ‘Hijacker Records’ – a label set up by independent musicians to promote electronic based music.
    A link to the video is included below along with free remixes by Chopper and Redsparrow (two other Hijacker artists).

    Hope you can check it out.

    Holes – https://soundcloud.com/santiagostreetmachine/santiago-street-machine-4
    Holes Video – http://youtu.be/8BhxLAfWaq4
    Holes (Chopper Remix) – https://soundcloud.com/santiagostreetmachine/santiago-street-machine-1
    Holes (Redsparrow Remix) – https://soundcloud.com/santiagostreetmachine/santiago-street-machine-3
    Artwork – Holes-Single-Cover-Artwork-2400-x-2400-410×410.jpg


    Hijacker Records

  10. Your blog is cool. I’d like to be on it. Anything I can do in return, let me know :)

    Hey GetYourMelancholyOn,

    I’m a new artist and I’ve just released my first video. I have absolutely nothing to trade on so I can’t give you any reason to post other than if you actually like the song and/or (preferably and) the video.


    With the help of some good friends I wrote the song, wrote the music, shot and edited the video.

    I’m healthily insane and I promise each song will be better than the last. Some of my influences are:

    Prince, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Gnarls Barkeley, Sia, Kanye West, Charlie Chaplin, Prince, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and a lot of Anime Music!

    If slow broken-beyond-repair-good-god-get-this-boy-some-HELP love songs aren’t your thing that’s cool. Like my Facebook page to see my next song, Ghettaway, a fast riff-driven political thriller. I say thriller because I can’t really place the Genre, it’s kinda hip-hop, drum & bass, pop, soul.

    You’re awesome for even reading this. Thank you.

    Hope you like what you find:

    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRulHDeS2lcMVGjAtvDJeSw
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RoarsHunter


    Roars Hunter

  11. Dear GYMO,

    please would you consider reviewing us or our recent 1st EP which is a record of Organic-Electro music written & produced by ourselves in London?

    We are a trio of French Maud Waret (vox/violin), Danish Nikolaj Bjerre (percussion) & British Philippe Locke (keyboards/guitar/bass). We combine organic instruments such as African percussion, Kalimba, Piano with electro sounds from analogue keyboards, 80s toy synths and basically anything we can get our hands on. The EP was made to have a vibe of exotic nighttime beaches and the title ‘The Navigation’ reflects the stars and the sea. We are currently writing our 1st full-length album.


    If you would like anything else, please get in touch.


  12. Hi, this is James from I.M.P and I work with music with depth worldwide, with a particular focus on the types of artists you list (Nirvana, Radiohead, Pumpkins, etc, etc). I’d love to hear from you if you accept music submissions. All the best!

  13. Hello GYMO,
    I thought it was clever to have videos posted with lyrics. Good choice of your style. I’m working at BlastMusic getting the word out about some of our new up and coming artists. Just wanted to introduce myself and ask you about your policy for accepting music. We have an independent artist that may fit your taste of music but I would rather learn about your policy for submissions in order to keep a mutual relationship.
    Thank you for your consideration,


  14. Howdy

    My name is Jim.

    I write lyrics (from my home in England), which I email to a dude in Detroit,who puts them to music.
    We are called These Curious Thoughts and have been described as D.I.Y indie rock that’s progressive, introspective, poetic, upbeat, catchy,and strange.

    Some people say is a cross between The Beatles meets REM meets Blue Oyster Cult.

    We would love you to consider us.

    You can find more info on us and a variety of our songs here(which are downloadable)

    and below there is a link for our most recent album called “What Is It And How Did It Get In There” here:

    Here is our Sound Cloud page

    Here are a selcetion of songs performed live

    Cheers and have a good ‘un

  15. Hi there, I’ve been a follower of your blog for quite some time now, you’ve enriched my life with beautiful music. I’ve been trying to get my own music out there, even participated on a talent show (which is not something I do that easily) and even though I’ve made it to the semi-finals, it hasn’t made achieving my goal that much easier. It’s a hard business and most of the ones who do make their way in just enjoy singing, they’d be happy with anything they’re offered. If you’d be so kind to have a listen to one of my new songs and, if you like it, perhaps share it as well? Thank you.

  16. Hello there! I just released my first single called Cooper’s Dreams. It’s an instrumental track drawing inspiration from the trip hop, soul and melancholy tones. I love old records with an experimental touch, and I am heavily influenced by the gritty sound of the 90’s trip hop/break scene/acid jazz scene. The music may not be the most accessible, but I constantly aim to create new things, blend genres together, and keep an open and creative mind. Being featured on your blog would mean a lot to me.

    My single can be found here;

    Thanks a lot for spreading the love for music!
    John Bohman aka Crowsoul

  17. Greetings,

    My name is Daniel Fernandez. I am a 20 year old musician from Honduras based out of Miami, FL.
    Over 9 months I recorded these 11 short tunes that include elements of psychedelic rock, folk rock, worldbeat, and indie rock among others. Recently, I was joined by my friend Alejandro and we became The Halfways.

    Here is a link to our album: http://thehalfways.bandcamp.com/
    Link to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thehalfways

    Key tracks: The Carousel, Jettison, Exit, Burning House, Rope.

    I would love for you to listen and tell me what you think. Also, if you see fit, I would love for you to share these tunes with your readers and listeners at Get Your Melancholy On.


    Daniel F.

  18. Hi, I’m andy from Cultural Other, a musical project that got me involved now for about one year and a half. The whole aim of this project is to create a musical and cultural conversation between different backgrounds, inspirations and traditions. Our trio is composed of me (Andrea) from Milan, Kuba (drummer) who is Polish-American and James, british bassist with Argentinian roots.
    Our musicality spaces from 90’s-influenced rock music, to jazz and latin, through more modern drum beats: our interest is to create a vibe more than just proposing our songs.
    We just released a self-produced and promoted track a couple of days ago, and I thought of sharing it with you since I got loads of inspiration from your work.

    Here are the links to the track and to our own pages, thank you!





  19. Hello, My name is Sophie Bystrup, I’m a member of the band Dilated Academy. We are currently travelling and playing around the world

    The Current members are:
    Kelvin Godson(Singer/Songwriter and Producer)
    Or Epstein(Producer, Composer and multi instrumentalist)
    Sophie Bystrup (Singer and keyboard)

    You can listen to the experimental project we just released for free download:


    Website and our music videos coming up soon. You can get back at me on this email.

    Peace and Love,


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