When I first fell into melancholy music (not literally) all those years ago, alongside the more commercial artists I started to investigate (not literally – neither commercial (I’m still not sure if Tom McRae can ever really be seen as commercial), nor my investigation of them (I’ve never investigated Tom McRae, despite attending several gigs of his)), I also found a number of unsigned artists plying their trade. Amongst these, one stood out; someone who has always had a couple of their songs stay on my laptop, my MP3 player, and in my head.


I ended up emailing Syd (or, as his parents know him, Erin Johnson Sidney) and his manager years and years ago – something they probably don’t remember, but which always meant something to me, as Syd replied with a kind, personal response.

Lately, I’ve found myself reminiscing a lot. As I grow older, my life is settling into comfortable patterns – I’m more comfortable with who I am; I’m more comfortable in understanding what makes me happy. Yes, there are still plenty of ups and downs, but life is more the former than the latter.

There were a number of Syd’s songs which have always been there through the last few years – some sad, some happy. All guitar-picked, and all simple, honest songs. From them, I give you “Here’s A Love Song”. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, but has never, ever, ever failed to make me smile wistfully, and think about the girls I’ve loved, who’ve loved me.

It’s not a complex song. But it means the world to me.

And the sigh at the very start is a sound embedded in my head for the rest of my life – the sound of telling someone how you feel about them.

The sound of telling someone you love them.

Sleeping in Saturdays
Taking time to get to know your face
Breathing in your smell on me
I’m addicted, you know, to vanilla these days

Butterfly kisses
And the promise you’ll spend all night this time
I just wanna say thank you
For taking a chance on a feeling inside so

Here’s a love song
For all the times you felt second place
And here’s a love song
For all the smiles that come when I see your face
Here’s a love song

I walk into the winter night
The city lights take the place of the stars in your eyes
I lost the moon again
But I stopped looking, I guess, when love caught me by surprise

You’re gonna be hard to get over
So I won’t, I don’t think, for a very long time
And in the summer
I’ll warm your bed if you promise you’ll warm mine

And here’s a love song
For all the times i fell into your eyes
And here’s a love song
For all the things you taught me last night
Here’s a love song

Here’s a love song
For all the things that you never said
And here’s a love song
For the night you left your bracelet at the end of my bed
Here’s a love song

Syd – Here’s A Love Song

www: Syd’s official website, Tumblr, Facebook Page, Twitter, and MySpace.