No Trace.

There I was, watching a pretty shit spoof film. I may have chuckled once or twice, but I can’t remember, as it would have been lost in the veil of my losing the will to live.

And then, and then… A single scene, some background music, some slighly heard words, and I found myself searching for another perfect match for this website. With the least information I’ve found for a band in a long, long time.

I got my hands on the soundtrack, and the song – “I Miss You”, by Arlaner. And the lyrics, albeit slightly wrong. And nothing else – no band information, no band website, no Facebook Page, nothing.

And so, I give you “I Miss You”. No idea who the band is or what else they’ve written. No idea if any of their other music sounds anything like this song. No idea of anything really. Except one very, very pretty song – all Measure / Laura DiStasi undertones; piano, echoey female vocals, a little organ towards the end.

And a wonderful song of yearning, hurt and sadness. Perfect for a Friday night.


When the wind is howling
And the rain is pouring down
And the tears are falling
But they never make a sound
My heart breaks in silence
’cause there’s no one else around
And I am lost in heartache
And I don’t wanna be found


Please tell me why you had to go
And leave me out here all alone

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

Arlaner – I Miss You


  1. Got to listen to this song a while back ago. Like you, I haven’t heard anything else of them, but it’s plain great. It works its magic for me on a sunday morning.

  2. I dug around a little just now, after hearing “I Miss You” here and loving it. I guess they have a song called “Commit Me” on the “What Happens In Vegas” soundtrack, but I’m having trouble finding it to listen to.

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