Now. Now. Now.

Today’s message is a simple one. Go to Laura DiStasi’s CDBaby page right now and buy her new EP. Now. Now. Now. I’ll wait while you do. Seriously – $4 or about €3 for one of the most affecting things you will ever, ever purchase

Okay. Now, you’re back, and you should have the EP downloading or downloaded. Or the CD en route, if you’re that way inclined. If not, seriously, go and buy the fucking EP.

Yes, I swore. And I did it for a reason – because the impact of a swear word unexpected is the same as the impact of Laura’s voice.


6 years after “Winters Never Quit”, from which I featured “No City Life” here at the end of last year, Laura has returned with her self-titled EP, containing 4 of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear this year, next year, or any other year, being honest.

About “Winters Never Quit”, I had said “the rest of the album, while quite good, is a little too jazz-oriented for me”. I can’t level the same accusation at her EP: piano-led beauty, all underpinning one of the most evocative voices I’ve ever heard.

From the EP, I give you “Colors And Shapes” – not only a stunning song in it’s own right, but almost a companion piece to “No City Life”.

While “No City Life” is, to me, a…

…sad, sorrowful song of longing, of missing, of being an outcast, of not knowing your place in this world, of failing…

“Colors And Shapes”, to me, can be read in two ways – depending on my mood… Either not being able to leave what you know, allowing yourself to be distracted and making excuses to not take the step you could; or making a decision which leads you along one road, a road which you learn to love, until you forget the original reasons you took it – following a lover to a destination, and finding the destination (and falling for it) but losing the lover… And my apologies to Laura if I’m completely misreading her song.

From the description of the EP:

There is beauty and truth in our lightest and darkest moments – feeling the affects of city life, and the changing of seasons

Something supported by “No City Life”, and now “Colors And Shapes”.

EDIT: Laura just provided me with the correct lyrics – so close… So very close…

I am not your girl
If you are like this town
That doesn’t hold you close
Just keeping you around

With it’s flashing lights
All the colors and shapes
There’s so much here wanting
I keep forgetting why I came

To this town

I can move real fast
I can cover ground
The clank of subway tracks
A million shades of black and brown

We’re growing out of concrete
Out of tunnels to shade
Of something towering over
All the reasons that you came

To this town

I would move real fast
But I can’t put you down
As if my arms attached
To the side it fits around

I know the flashing lights
I know the colors and shapes
Of the things worth wanting
And the things that fade away
I know the flashing lights
I know the colors and sounds
Of the things worth wanting
There’s so much here wanting

There’s so much here wanting
I keep forgetting why I came

To this town

Laura DiStasi – Colors And Shapes

www: Laura’s official website, Facebook Page, and MySpace.