I Was Born With A Broken Heart.

Tough times in life again. More curveballs. And, as ever, my outlet is music, is this website.

Just over a year ago, I posted about counterpoints, using Ryan Adams, and I talked about the need to let someone or something go, despite the pain, and you need to trust things to work out… But what happens when you don’t let go, but realise that something needs to change?

I posted about Cary Brothers almost three years ago – an artist whose first EP, “All The Rage” I loved, but who’s first album, “Who You Are”, while nice, in my eyes failed to keep that momentum.

I got my hands on his second full-length, “Under Control”, released last year, but to be honest, never really took the time to listen to it. I skipped through it, and kept it for completeness sake. As ever, when I do that, I missed out.


From that album, I give you the utterly beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking “Belong”; initially sparse, piano-driven , but a song that builds and builds, introducing guitars and drums and more vocals over its 4 minutes, moving from something so utterly sad to a statement of honesty and the… strength?… that comes from that.

Let the catharsis from from 1:36 onwards utterly sweep over you…

This is one lover’s statement to another: I don’t belong to you; my dreams are my own and not yours; but I love you, I will be there for you, always. But I can’t lie to myself, or to you, about this.

Wake up lonely with you by my side
One more night it doesn’t feel
There are movies playing in your eyes
You dream of our fortunes

But you’re wrong
I don’t belong to you

The moon is the only friend I have outside
One more drink and I’ll be healed
I told you the words and then knew it was a lie
I wish I could offer an appeal

You’re wrong
I don’t belong
You’re wrong
I don’t belong to you

What I’d give for that first night when you were mine, you were mine
Tried with all that I have to keep you alive, alive

I wasn’t taught this way
With a thousand things to say
I was born with a broken heart
What I’d give for that first night when you were mine
Thought you were mine

So I’ll put this cigarette to bed
Pull some sheets from off your side
I put my arm around you safe in the night
Still dreaming of fortune
But you’re wrong
I don’t belong
You’re wrong
I don’t belong
I don’t belong

Cary Brothers – Belong

www: Cary’s official website, Facebook Page, and MySpace.

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  1. Mr. Brothers is one of my favorites. I didn’t like the second album as much as the first, but it’s not terrible.

    I actually met him after a show and had him sign his first CD for me.

    Also, my favorite concert moment of all time belongs to Ben Lee and Cary Brothers, who did an encore cover (along with their band members, and the other opening act) of Silverchair’s Straight Lines. It was really great.

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