I sat through Virtuosity yesterday. An odd, odd, odd science fiction film, I still don’t know if it was ahead of it’s time, or crap. I’m erring towards crap. A bored Denzel Washington, a young Russell Crowe, and a plot and script that someone seemed to have written on the back of a napkin, but when told the film would be made, used everything on that napkin, and no more.

But as the film ended, and I realised I wasn’t getting that time back, the end credits rolled, and I was amazed to hear a very, very familiar voice…


As regular readers of this blog will know, (1) I’m shit at updating it, sorry, and (2) I love Peter Gabriel. Proper, all-out, man love, as evidenced here and here. And the song playing was absolutely gorgeous.

It didn’t even vaguely fit with the film, and felt as out-of-place as Russell Crowe in a place where people should be treated nicely.

“Party Man” is in fact by “The World Beaters with Peter Gabriel”, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING on who these World Beaters are, and if, in fact, they are even world beaters, or simply people doing okay.

It’s pretty Peter Gabriel – piano, that voice, infectious drum beats, and overall, a general world music feel.

The lyrics are simple, but nice – the same 10 lines repeated three times, broken up by a slowed-down, yet building, beat…

So then, up upon this high wall
Looking at the street lights
All spread out like a banquet
Why is this room so silent?
Only when I’m moving
No direction chosen
Rolling over emotion
Guess I’m your party man
P p party man, p p partyman
I’m your party man

The song doesn’t appear anywhere else apart from the Virtuosity soundtrack, so maybe it could have been one of those “doing it for the paycheck” type of things.

But knowing PG the way I do (and I do), I doubt it.

Play it loud and let it sweep you away. And try to avoid Virtuosity.

The World Beaters and Peter Gabriel – Party Man

www: With a Peter Gabriel post comes great responsibility. So, here’s everything he is: his Facebook Page, the Womad website, the Real World website, the WITNESS website, the Elders website, and finally, his own website…

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  1. Not sure where to leave a general comment, but I was wondering if you had posted any songs by the Avett Brothers? Awesome stuff. I recommend Ballad of Love and Hate, Murdered In the City, and I and Love and You.

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