Crying Wolf.

When the information on an artist’s Facebook Page says

Making you cry or your money back.

And their genre is

indie pop/sad piano songs

Well, how can they not expect to end up on a website called Get Your Melancholy On?

I give you Fay Wolf,

an L.A.-based singer-songwriter who refers to her live performances as “sadsongfunnyjokemusictimes.” Fay Wolf is more than just a singer, songwriter, pianist, and de facto stand-up comic. She is a classically-trained actress too, with a BFA from Boston University. Her recent acting accomplishments include work in theatre, film, and guest appearances on Miami Medical, Numb3rs, Bones, Ghost Whisperer and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Sickeningly talented.


Sickeningly talented. With a piano. A voice. And one of the saddest songs I’ve heard in a long time. Heart-breaking, “God Knows” is simply about walking away. About giving up. About realising that it just can’t go on, and that you need to walk away.

But then, with the last few lines, the realisation that you’re doing it for you, and while you have no idea, no idea at all, what it might bring…

You’re doing it for you.

You’ll soon know what it will bring.

And you’ll deal with whatever comes.

God knows what I’m gonna do
God knows what I’m gonna say
Then I walked through the door
And gave it all away

God knows if I’ll make you cry
God knows if we’ll be alright
Then I walked out the door
I’m giving up the fight

God only knows what happens now
God only knows the how
God only knows what happens now
God only knows the how

God knows
Now I’ll know
Now I’ll know too

Fay Wolf – God Knows

www: Fay’s official website, Facebook Page, and MySpace.

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