Hypnotically Wonderful.

I owe the Notwist an apology. Every year or so, I (re)discover their music, and then lose it all over again. This year’ll be different, guys. I promise. A German indie rock band formed in 1989, the band has made some pretty dramatic changes to their musical style, while keeping pretty much the same lineup.(…)

Marry Me.

I spend an AWFUL lot of time looking for new music. Trawling through website after website; tracking down new sources and following up on leads from others; asking anyone and everyone what they listen to – all in the hopes of discovering the next fixture on my MP3 player; the next companion on a cold,(…)

Being Awesome Indeed.

Following on from the amazing Isaac Thompson submission, we now have two for two, with the absolutely brilliant Amy Heffernan. Like a number of artists I receive submissions from, the submission came from Amy’s marketing/PR company. Usually, I find this a turn-off, as I get quite a lot of bulk mails and mail merges. However,(…)

This House Is Finding A Home.

I’ve posted about Griffin House before, and I’m sure I will again. At the time, I’m not sure I did Griffin justice, to be honest, calling his music songs sung by a man with a Bono-type timbre to his voice (but don’t let that put you off). The song itself is, while not quite forgettable,(…)