When Under Ether – Alternative Mainsteam.

When I read an article about “When Under Ether”, a new Irish television programme dedicated to the best of underground and alternative music, I got exceptionally excited. Finally, a platform that would rival Last.fm and a multitide of music blogs in providing me with new artists I can passionately follow. Artists like Frightened Rabbit. Like William Fitzsimmons.


When Under Ether is a new video-based alternative music show. Broadcasting for 1 hour on Tuesday nights on RTE 2, it is hosted by former Nightshift presenter & Phantom 105.2 DJ Michelle Doherty and musician & former Nightshift producer Elton Mullally.

The show covers all aspects of the alternative music scene, with a keen eye on homegrown talent. It will feature a dynamic video play-list, band interviews, live performances, and a comprehensive guide to gigs nationwide.

But when I finally caught my first episode…uhm…Portishead, Depeche Mode, Florence & the Machine, Mogwai, Elbow, Bat For Lashes, Bjork. It seems that “When Under Ether”, like so many television programmes before it, errs on the side of mainstream alternative music – keeping the cool kids on-side, and keeping the ratings up. Over the next few weeks, expect Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes.

Maybe things will change. Maybe “When Under Ether” will break new ground, and new artists. But for now…what a lost opportunity. And what a pity.

www: When Under Ether official Facebook Page


  1. What no Decembrisits? Many of these Artists sound terrific! You m,ust add ‘The Decembrists’, Joshua James, Brett Dennen and ‘The Rocktboys’
    Now something a little off center, and they are amazing beyond amazing, ‘Naturally 7 Wall of Sound”…..This is my very 1st time on here so I am not sure if I was supposed to suggest musicians???? Hopefully I did not fall out of grace……

    1. Not at all – thank you for the suggestions! I’ve included Joshua James on the website before, and I have a Brett Dennen song in my “To Be Added” list. As for the Decemberists – one of those bands whom many love, except me :) I find them okay, but not…quite….But thanks for the other recommendations, and keep them coming!

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