A Friendship On The Edge.

Finbarr is a friend of mine, and has been for a number of years. However, lately, that friendship has teetered close to the edge, thanks to a single act by Finbarr. A near-unforgivable act.

Finbarr know about, and knew this, band, and hadn’t told me about them.


I am not lefthanded are named after a quote from “The Princess Bride”, and are, in fact, not left-handed. I actually am, but that’s a story for another day.

And they’re good. In fact, they’re fantastic. In fact, upon hearing two of their songs, I signed back into my iTunes account (I detest iTunes, and Apple, but that’s a story for another day as well), updated my credit card details, and bought their EP. All within 10 minutes of hearing the first chords of a single song. Yes, they have that type of effect. These guys are just stunning.

In their own words:

We don’t play pop music, we don’t write music for art’s sake, we don’t represent any movements, we’re not hip, we’re not cutting edge, we don’t dress to be cool. We do manage ourselves, we write our own songs, we do our own recordings, we shoot our own videos, we design our own covers, we made our own website. We’re not generally negative people – oh yes, and we’re not lefthanded.

We like our name because it doesn’t say anything about who we are or what we do, we like to give our music a chance to do that. That said, we would liken ourselves (if we have to) to a darker Rilo Kiley, a rockier Death Cab for Cutie, a girlier We Are Scientists, a wordier Jimmy Eat World. Other people have likened us to Mazzy Starr, The Cardigans, The Postal Service, 10,000 Maniacs, jj72 – so if you shake all that up you might get some kind of idea.

We like to sing (except Benji who will only sing on his own, in a car). We like to get loud when we can (Tubescreamers are good!). We only play music that makes us feel something, in our gut. We like music that’s honest. We’re mostly Irish, partly Cornish (not corny!). We live in London. We really like playing music, everywhere we can.


In my own words: wow. Just, wow. For your listening pleasure, I give you “Long Goodbyes” – 4 of the most affecting minutes I’ve experienced. Starting with a repetitive, haunting guitar melody, followed by the entry of the wonderful voice of Kathryn Williams at 31 seconds, which expands over the next minute, building to a crescendo of drums and voices from then onwards – and if you don’t get a shiver down your spine at 2.02, you obviously have no appreciation for music. And as for the lyrics…well, if

Where long grass grows
Is where I’ll let go

Doesn’t break your heart, you’ve never loved.

Go buy their EP, the exquisitely named “Yes Means No: 6 & 1/6th songs that don’t always give a straight answer” right now. Go. Now. The links are at the bottom of the post.

My feet trip on your dances,
Of all the great romances, I wish
You’d passed me by

I check your eyes for any sign they’ve misted,
My stomach’s cold and twisted as the stony skies
I hate long goodbyes

Long grass will hide
My last reply
Where long grass grows
Is where I’ll let go

Cause I might forget
The meanings and the mistakes
And I might regret
Cause the devil’s in your details
But I can’t accept
That you might want it this way
So I’ll go, confess,
Tell it to the north-east wind

Long grass will hide
My last reply
I’ll bury deep
The thoughts I keep

This city’s found
On solid ground
Where long grass grows
Is where I’ll let go

And the wonderfully monikered “boatsbutnottheocean” – a little less epic, a little more intimate. An insistent guitar melody, with some beautiful duetting from 1:02 onwards. If ever a song could define yearning, this would be it. Yearning, tempered with the acceptance of another person’s needs that comes with love.

Have you bought the EP yet?

Make a wish on distant stars
For a faster, redder car
And wait, see if it comes true

For a house on distant streets
Dream of nights in softer sheets
This beach, will wait

So I know you’re tired,
So leave it to the tide
I’m on your side,
When weather’s right,
Come sailing home

Let the dark subside,
Just leave it to one side,
I’m on your side,
When weather’s right,
Come sailing home again

Walk the land and see the shore,
Think of less, and want for more,
And wait, to keep the gray from blue

In a house on distant streets,
Someone dreams a distant beach,
And waits, they wait

So I know you’re tired
So leave it to the tide
I’m on your side,
When weather’s right,
Come sailing home

Let the dark subside,
Just leave it to one side,
I’m on your side,
When weather’s right,
You’ll see it swept away,
You’ll see it swept away

Finbarr, because this band is so utterly amazing, I forgive you. Just don’t it again.

I am not lefthanded – Long Goodbyes

I am not lefthanded – boatsbutnottheocean

www: I am not lefthanded official site, MySpace, and BUY THE ALBUM ON iTUNES OR FROM LETTERBOXRECORDS.COM NOW!


  1. This band are amazing and my tip for major success. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band three times and they improve each time.

    Thanks for promoting such great music.

  2. Thought after Frank Turner there wouldn’t be anything better here for a while, but I guess I was wrong! The first song is just incredible, amazing.

  3. Bought the EP halfway through Long Goodbyes! This blog is great, I’m excited to discover more awesome music through you! THANKS

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