What Do You Do On A Bad Skin Day?

There’s something overshadowing my life at the moment. Looming large, I’m struggling to overcome it. Every day is a challenge – some days are better than others. There is an end in sight, but sometimes, just sometimes, it seems a long, long way away.

I guess I feel a little bit broken right now.

It’s been a long 14, 15 months now – I’ve faced more than I’ve had to face for years, and it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster of emotions. What I would like now, more than anything else, is a quiet few weeks of nothingness. To work; to spend time with my girlfriend, friends and family; to spend time on my hobbies; to sleep. To recover. To catharsise. But this seems a while away yet, so I’ll keep on keeping on.


So, with this, I give you Bell X1, and “Bad Skin Day”. For me, one of their two standout tracks from X’s “Flock”, “Bad Skin Day” is my catharsis in vocal form.

When I wake in the morning of a bad skin day.
And I can’t face my lover on a bad skin day.
Am I this alone?
Volcano has erupted, and the ash sails down. And I’m a poor soul of Pompeii.
Oh Christ, I’m such a drama queen on a bad skin day.
And you’re far from me. You’re all far from me. Right where I want you to be. Far from me
I could’ve got a job. I could’ve been a contender, when I never. But the streak is only so long.
They’re all different shades of the same song.
There’s a wind in these sails. Feels like I’m always waiting for the gold in them there hills, feels like I’m never…them there hills.
And they’re far from me.
Someday we’ll all wear a crown.
Far from me.
Someday we’ll be the fairest of them all.
So far from me.
Someday we’ll have an open top bus parade.
Far from me.
Someday we’ll do the sorry sorry charade.
It feels like we’re always waiting. It feels like we’re never leading.

Bell X1 – Bad Skin Day

www: Bell X1


  1. Guess we’ve all been through some hard times and weeks of doing nothing would fit right away. But that wouldn’t be life itself.

  2. So many days like this, when we don’t feel our own life is our, and we believe doubt is an omnipresent companion.
    Those days we just have to have Bell X1 on our side.

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