Gimmie Moore. Gimmie Moore. Gimmie Gimmie Moore.

Another day, another submission from a bloody good unsigned singer.


James Moore is a singer/songwriter from Chatham, New Jersey. Ah, New Jersey. Birthplace of Springsteen. And James Moore. And some other people I know who don’t write or play music (as far as I know). Anyway, I digress.

James found his way to my site through High Fidelity Records , and caught my attention instantly. He also posted a CD to me from New Jersey which utterly confused my girlfriend (“Who’s posting you stuff from New Jersey?”).

For your perusal, I give you two songs by James which got under my skin. Firstly, the haunting “I Know It Was Hard For You”, with it’s plucked acoustic and slide guitars, and it’s simple, yet evocative lyrics of acceptance, desperation, and somewhat unconditional understanding and forgiveness.

Where did we all go wrong?
Something we had is gone.
And I know it was hard for you.
I felt it too.

Houses and wedding rings.
Now I’m blowing out burning wings.
And I know it was hard for you.
I felt it too.

There’s no time to try.
Too much time’s gone by.
And now if it’s too hard for you.
I’ll get you through.
And I know it was hard for you.
I felt it too.

Following that, “One Way To You” repeats the trick – the acoustic guitar; the singsong melody; and the simple lyrics with a beautiful turn of phrase:

It’s the eve of something that I feel might break your heart.
And I can’t tell, I’m still picking up my parts.

Do you care if I keep hanging around?
I get a good a feeling walking on this side of town.

There’s a sad desperation to both songs – trying to hold on to something that may have already slipped away.

Music for a night in, with the rain pouring outside. Music for a glass of red wine, and something to trigger the memory of an old flame. Music for a wistful smile, tempered with some tears.

Music to regret to.

James Moore – I Know It Was Hard For You

James Moore – One Way To You

www: James Moore on MySpace and James Moore on Sonicbids (with more songs available for download)

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