Matthew Good? Matthew Bloody Great, More Like.

I’ve put off putting up this particular song on the site since I first began. Why? I hear you scream (Well, I don’t, but you get the idea).

I adore Matthew Good. Ever since I got my hands on “White Light Rock & Roll Review” (still one of my favourite albums of all time – maybe even my favourite….), I’ve passionately got my hands on nearly everything he’s released – either as part of the Matthew Good Band, or on his own.


One thing I noticed very quickly on playing any of his music to others was their immediate reaction of discomfort. After this happened a number of times, I finally challenged someone on it, who admitted, “Well, it’s just that it’s…a bit too heavy. It’s really intense. And long.”

Well, I can’t argue with the intense part. Or the long – Matthew doesn’t really “do” many songs under 6 minutes.

From that day, I adored Matthew a little more.

And I know from my friends faces that this particular track, “While We Were Hunting Rabbits”, holds two awards – being my favourite MG song of all time, and being the song that makes most of my friends the most uncomfortable.

Buy in, it’ll shut you up. Try it, it should shut you up. We’ve brought someone in to shut you up. It’s a life’s work

And I dance. And I sing. And I am a monkey in a long line of kings. We dance. We sing. And we’re all monkeys in a long line, long line. I’m just a boat on the ocean, I’m just a ship lost at sea.

7 minutes 59 seconds of guitars, strange lyrics, and big bells (listen carefully – I do love that bit).

7 minutes 59 seconds of one of the most unsettling videos ever created. (Well, 6 minutes 12 seconds, but it ruins my cool riff here), found here.

7 minutes 59 seconds of my personal music perfection.

Matthew Good – While We Were Hunting Rabbits

www: Matthew Good

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