Forgive me? Again?

I know, from the occasional email, that I have a fair-sized audience out there, and also some very loyal fans.

This is the second in my series of apologies for the delay in my posting. There are a number of reasons – moving jobs recently, outfitting my apartment, and a few other things happening at the same time – but this isn’t an excuse. Well, it is.

So, I promise to post more over the coming weeks and months. But…I made a promise previously that I would not sacrifice quality for quantity, and it is taking more and more time to find music that I feel fits with the site.

I do want to thank all the artists who have sent me music to put on the site – quite a few to date. I’m sorry if I don’t feature many of you – it’s not that I don’t like your music (I do), it’s just that my mood when posting usually determines the music I write about. However, please keep submitting to me!

For my loyal followers (hahahahaha I do amuse myself) there is a good one coming. I promise.

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