4 Minutes And 11 Seconds That Are Thoroughly Enjoyable And Instantly Forgettable.

Every so often you come across something so dumb, so ridiculous, that you wonder if it’s actually real, or if someone is playing a very big joke on you.

Iglu & Hartly are one of those times. I first caught the video for their single “In This City” a few weeks ago, and watched it, dumbfounded, thinking “How on Earth did a bunch of San Fran jocks get their hands on an audience and a camera?” Of course, I also noticed my foot was tapping.


Then, last week, I read a review with the band, where they talked about when they had finished writing “In This City”, and realised that they might have written the greatest song of all time.

Uhm, sorry guys, no. I’m afraid you’ve written a very catchy tune, soon to disappear into the big box marked “Andrew WK – Party Hard”, and never be heard of again. Enjoy your 5 minutes (uhm, sorry, 4 minutes 11 seconds) of fame, boys. It was fun. For about the length of the song.

Iglu & Hartly – In This City

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