Which Do You Prefer?

While randomly flicking through the many dreadful music channels now in existence, I was completely side-swiped by a song that cropped up on late-night MTV2 (where the really weird music comes out to play…)

Cary Brothers is one of Zach Braff’s favourite singers, which basically means you can catch his music on anything Zach stars in – Scrubs, Garden State, The Last Kiss.


Now, I like Cary. He’s a singular, not a plural – there are no brothers Cary. I loved his first EP, “All The Rage”. I enjoyed his album from last year, “Who Are You”. He’s a good singer-songwriter – he’ll churn out the catchy tunes and he’ll make a great career selling his music to Scrubs/Grey’s Anatomy/One Tree Hill/Zach Braff’s next film. But thanks to DJ Tiesto, I have to say, I am impressed.

Tiesto, a Dutch DJ, has taken Brother’s “Ride”, and turned it into a dance-floor hit. And you know what? I hate most dance music. But I love this. In fact, I love it more than the original. For some reason, the dance beat makes the song more lonely for me…

You are everything I wanted. The scars of all I’ll ever know. If I told you you were right, would you take my hand tonight? If I told you the reasons why, would you leave your life and ride? And ride…”

I’ve included both versions below – the original, and the dance remix. What do you think?

Cary Brothers – Ride

Tiesto & Cary Brothers – Ride


  1. Hey, I just discovered your site & am working my way through the posts. Thanks for these two songs, you’re right that the remix sounds better.

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