What Could Have Been.

Whipping Boy were an Irish band who notched up a couple of hits in the mid to late 90’s, and who should have been huge. Coldplay huge. Oasis huge. U2 huge.


“We Don’t Need Nobody Else” is bile. Melancholic, to be sure – but pain, anger, frustration. A hint of madness. Passion. Love and hate mixed together, thrown together, shaken and twisted and turned until one is indiscernible from the other.

According to bass player Myles McDonnell:

If enough people had heard ‘Heartworm’, we could have been The Verve. But it just didn’t happen. It’s nothing for us to worry about or to get bitter over. We’re still here and it might yet happen.

Except it didn’t, as they split up in 1998. What could have been.

Why say words that I do not mean? They only serve to amuse, ridicule and destroy – hardly ever to teach. I hit you for the first time today. I didn’t mean it – tt just happened. You wouldn’t let me go to the phone – you wanted to make love and I did not. Now I know the distance between us. Christ we weren’t even fighting, I was just annoyed. Silence, and you started to cry. That really hurt, you said. Yeah? And you thought you knew me?

Whipping Boy – We Don’t Need Nobody Else

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  1. Mmmmm…no. Actually, I tried “Heartworm” on multiple occasions over the years, thinking I’d missed something. Nope. While “Twinkle”, the song/single that earned some airplay back in the day, is an insanely brilliant bit of tortured Irish postpunk (like Joy Division filtered through the New Model Army aesthetic), the rest of the album was alternately boring and annoying, with lyrics best left on private journal pages. The new U2? No. The new Verve? Not remotely close. The new Coldplay? Well…a tad closer to that lot, but still not up to that level. Sorry, all I ever needed from this band was “Twinkle”.

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