The Barber Of Seville. Well, More Port Credit, which is part of Mississauga, Ontario. In Canada. So Not Seville Then.

Wikipedia, the source of all the world’s knowledge, tells us that Matthew Barber is

a Canadian singer-songwriter of indie pop and pop rock with folk and alternative country influences.

I guess they really want to cover all the bases on this one.


These two songs are quite haunting, and melancholic in the best possible way – on first listen, “Somebody, Sometime” will show itself to be a lonely, plucked and strummed, down-tempo out-take from a Ryan Adams album; while “You and Me” will come across as a more typical country tune, with slide guitar, piano and snare drum as a supporting cast. But it’s when you listen to the lyrics…Both songs include lines that will throw you, that will stop your toe-tapping for a split-second as you wonder if you heard correctly. There’s a sad, sad undercurrent here…

You gotta live to die. You gotta lie to somebody, sometime./’Cause someone will be waiting for you, somewhere dark and deep. Someone will be greeting you sometime, somewhere in your sleep

Oh the one that asks for more, is bound to end up sore. Is it you or me? My love, what are you thinking of?

Matthew Barber – Somebody, Sometimes

Matthew Barber – You And Me


  1. I love the Ghost Notes album from Matthew Barber – some great tunes there with “You And Me” and “Somebody, Sometime” being two of them. I can’t get tired of listening to it. Sure it can be a bit pop influenced at times, but in a good way – ya know.

    Hey, Canada appreciates the post!!


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