Where Did I Hear This One?

Well, it’s official. I’ve now completely lost track of where I’m finding new music.

I recently got my hands on the album “Three Flights From Alto Nido” by Greg Laswell. But I have no idea how I came across him. Racking my brains, I can’t tell if it was off a television programme (Grey’s Anatomy? Scrubs?), a film (any number of the, ahem, teen comedies/dramas I’ve found myself watching/playing in the background/trying to ignore lately), or a website review.


Not too much to say on this one. Greg has a nice website, and, like most of the world, a MySpace. However, I’m afraid the most interesting thing I could find out (apart from his music) is that he’s dating Mandy Moore.


Now, I’m sure Greg is an interesting chap. His Wikipedia entry doesn’t confirm or deny this. Neither does his MySpace.

I have found other sites indicating he may be interesting, including this response on one random website:

Joe S. : greg laswell is an amazingly talented musician, not to mention the fact that he is gorgeous and funny as hell. if you ever have the chance to see him perform live. your opinion on the guy will do a complete 180. i mean go to his myspace page and read his blog, listen to his music. do some research before you form an “opinion” on someone. this shows an amazing lack of credibility on your part.

His blog is down, so I can’t confirm Joe’s opinion.

So, for now, let’s assume Greg is an exciting chap. Who sounds a lot like Chris Martin. But let’s not hold that against him.

So I give you “And Then You” by Coldplay, unplugged. I mean Greg Laswell.

How my thoughts, they spin me round. And how my thoughts, they let me down. And how my thoughts, they spin me round. And how my thoughts, they let me down. How my dreams, they spin me round. And how my dreams, they let me down. And how my thoughts, they spin me round. And how my thoughts, they let me down. And then there’s you. And then there’s you. And then there’s you. Then there’s you.

Reading these, the monotony of his lyrics shine through. Listening, there’s no monotony – simply a sing-song lullaby that will stay in your head for some time to come.

Greg Laswell – And Then You


  1. Most (if not all) the tracks on his album Through Toledo was written in response to his wife’s sudden decision to leave him. He’s grown some popularity by featured on Grey’s Anatomy (What a Day), Smallville (High and Low) and other popular TV shows. He also toured with Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson and Joshua Radin recently. His subsequent How the Day Sounds EP features two tracks that were eventually included on his latest album …Alto Nido.

    I’ve read that Alto Nido is part of a trilogy (Through Toledo/How the Day Sounds/…Alto Nido) that shows how he deals with the heartbreak and disappointment of his wife leaving. Alto Nido being the more “breaking out of it and moving on” album of the three.

    The first time I heard him was on an episode of Smallville (season 6) and “High and Low” came on. I was like, “Wooooow” and ran to my computer to find out who he was. And then soon after I heard “What a Day” on Grey’s Anatomy and instantly knew who it was but was equally surprised.

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