Travel Back. Back. Back. 12 Years To Be Precise.

It’s been a quiet few weeks. Many of my trusted sources for new music have had a lean time of it on the melancholic front, so any time I’ve spent looking for new music has been near-fruitless – and I’ve really wanted to keep the quality of the music on the site as high as possible.

Therefore, I’m jumping back in time – nearly a year ago, I posted Matt Nathanson’s cover of Patty Griffin’s “Forgiveness”. This has been one of the staple songs on my MP3 player over the last 14 months or so, so I recently decided to track down the source


From Patty Griffin’s 1996 debut “Living With Ghosts”, I dare you not to feel a swell in your chest when she sings “We are calling for him tonight on this thin phone line. As usual we’re having ourselves one hell of a time. And the planes keep flying right over our heads, no matter how loud we shout. Hey, hey, hey! And we keep waving and waving our arms in the air, but we’re all tired out”.

Patty Griffin – Forgiveness

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