I’ll Have A Big Mac, Large Chips, And A Bon Iver.

French blog La Blogotheque run a wonderful series of intimate concerts, The Take-Away Shows. These are amazing – sparse, beautifully shot, and overpowering.

This is Bon Iver, with Skinny Love. Check out the change at 2.13 – the definition of intensity.


  1. “Coldplay unplugged” – I was thinking the EXACT same thing one day during a commute giving the album a spin.

    Not too shabby in the long run, but trying to shake the Chris Martin acoustic set was too taxing during a 7:15am drive to work…

  2. Okay, so I posted that in the wrong place….yikes, noob.

    To readers, when looking for reference, ignore the brilliant Bon Iver and look to Mr. Greg Laswell’s latest release in the next or previous post…..

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