MP3s Are Killing Home Taping: The Rise of Internet Distribution and Its Challenge to the Major Label Music Monopoly

A fantastic article from 2005 by Kembrew McLeod, an independent documentary filmmaker and a media studies scholar at the University of Iowa whose work focuses on both popular music and the cultural impact of intellectual property law. The phrase “home taping is killing music”—a slogan invented and heavily promoted by major labels to combat the(…)

Does My iPod Play 78′s?

At the mid-point of 2008, U.S. album sales stand at an 11% decline when compared to the same period a year ago. Though not as precipitous a drop as the one recorded in the first half of 2007 (15.1%), this year’s first half tally is 204.6 million units, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s compared to(…)

My New Best Friend

A couple of weeks ago, I increased my blogroll, and spent some time letting a few of my favourite sites know I had linked to them. Then, a few days ago, Andrea descended on my blog like a music-loving whirlwind. Andrea runs a wonderful music blog of her own. Not only did she leave a(…)

Now I Don’t Feel So Bad.

I thought it was just me. I fully acknowledge that my tastes are hard to change, and I tend to gravitate back to my old favourites again and again. But now I see it’s the same the world over. On a music forum I haven’t visited in months, populated by the “cool kids” who like(…)

Where Did I Hear This One?

Well, it’s official. I’ve now completely lost track of where I’m finding new music. I recently got my hands on the album “Three Flights From Alto Nido” by Greg Laswell. But I have no idea how I came across him. Racking my brains, I can’t tell if it was off a television programme (Grey’s Anatomy?(…)

Travel Back. Back. Back. 12 Years To Be Precise.

It’s been a quiet few weeks. Many of my trusted sources for new music have had a lean time of it on the melancholic front, so any time I’ve spent looking for new music has been near-fruitless – and I’ve really wanted to keep the quality of the music on the site as high as(…)