This is the sort of copy that makes me run screaming from a new band:

Royworld formed at London’s Goldsmith’s University in early 2006, and already they’re off to a flying start. The Guardian promises ‘they’ll be huge’ and the Sun states ‘few debuts have had so much potential.’

Well, if the Guardian & Sun say it, it must be true!

Their current single ‘Man in the Machine’ is sitting pretty on Radio One’s playlist, and it’s not even a proper release!

Radio One! Wow! The same station with an A List of Coldplay, Duffy, Estelle, and, WOW!, Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer! Can we get any more bland?

They’ve been recording their debut album with Keane and KT Tunstall producer Andy Green, and are set to release their first full single ‘Dust’ in the next few months. Surely one of 2008’s most promising bands.

Fantastic – that means they’ll sound EXACTLY like Keane! Does it get any better?


So, after that little sarcasm overload, the slightly better news. Yes, they do sound exactly like Keane. And Cold Patrol. And Snow Play. Yes, they have an album of 12 “anthemic” pop-rock tunes, all of which are completely interchangeable. But it’s bloody catchy bubble-gum pop-rock. And hey – it’s always nice to chew on a little bubblegum now and then!

Royworld – Dust


In January, I posted about my first ever foray into folktronica, with some songs by William Fitzsimmons. Some time ago, I got my hands on his previous album, “Until When We Are Ghosts”, but only made the time recently to dip into it (I know, I know – my poor music collection is feeling very lonely the last few weeks). I was nicely surprised – I thoroughly enjoyed the tronica part of his work, but “Until…” allows more focus on his vocals & guitar work – and very impactfully so.

The track that stood out (and has been circling in my head since) is “My Life Changed” – a sad, whistful tune, with the single most stunning chorus I’ve heard in many months, due to one line that underlines the meaning of the whole song, and will invoke a feeling of loss in you.

You had this pattern of repeating every word that you would say, every word that you would say. Till I met you with a sigh and to this day I still regret how I made you go away. I saw the whole world from your eyes, at least the glimpse you let me see – and what a glimpse you let me see – but your eyes can never stretch over boundaries made in stone. I’m afraid that’s what will be. I imagine if I had another chance to tell you all the things I should have said, we’d still find ourselves content in circumstance, but I’m content to say this anyway…

And I’m not going to post the next line, as the textual representation has nowhere no the same impact.

William Fitzsimmons – My Life Changed