Once In A Lifetime?

This is a bit of an odd one, and an incident that I always think about when I ponder my obsession with music.

A few years ago, I was trying to track down a particular album, and thanks to a series of misunerstandings, ended up with the completely wrong album. A wrong album that I listened to, again and again. A wrong album that became one of my favourites of all time. A wrong album that contained the most emotionally raw, heart-wrenching songs that really got to me. A wrong album that contained songs whose lyrics were me, my life, my experiences. A wrong album album called “Songs for a Hurricane”, by Kris Delmhorst.


From that album, the song that affected me most was “You’re No Train” – sparse, heart-breaking, dealing with the situation when a relationship is truly going nowhere; when the other person is there and gone, there and gone, and the effect that has; when one person just doesn’t know if they want to be part of something anymore.

Baby, you’re no train, you’re the track. Always running away, always running back. Baby, you’re no train, you’re the steam blowing by./Baby, you’re no train, you’re the silence behind. So roll on.

But one addendum to this – and the reason behind my post’s title. After finding this amazing album by accident, I got Kris’s subsequent work, and was utterly disappointed with it. I’m sure it will appeal to many, but all the intimacy of “Songs for a Hurricane” is missing. Maybe she’ll recapture it, but in case she doesn’t, I count myself very lucky to have stumbled across “Songs…”, as I see it playing on repeat in my life.

Kris Delmhorst – You’re No Train


  1. When I 1st listened to this song, I thought it was just ok. But then several days later I came back to this post to hear it again. And again. And again. It must have grown on me. Thank you for sharing it.

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