Sia Furler. An interesting young lady. After releasing a hit single in 2000 (nope, I don’t remember it either) and becoming the vocalist for a Zero 7 album, she then went mental. Completely. In her own words, “No seriously, I needed therapy and everything.”


It’s a good job she kept making music, as she then went on to create “Breathe Me”, one of those songs that really grabs your attention. Piano-led; gasped, breatheless vocals; a feeling of claustrophobia & desperate need.

Some elements of her life would explain the feelings behind this song – after three years fronting a band called Crisp, Sia packed her bags and headed off on a round the world trip, and after agreeing to meet up in London with the man she describes as her “first true love”, a week before she arrived, he was run down and killed by a black cab on Kensington High Street.

By her own admission, “I was pretty fucked up after Dan died. I couldn’t really feel anything. I could intellectualise a lot of stuff; that I had a purpose, that I was loved, but I couldn’t actually feel anything”

Listen. Feel.

Help, I have done it again, I have been here many times before. Hurt myself again today, and the worst part is there’s no-one else to blame. Be my friend, hold me, wrap me up, unfold me. I am small and needy. Warm me up, and breathe me.

Sia – Breathe Me

I have no excuses large enough for not updating the site in weeks….

Between moving apartment, getting a new laptop, an increase in my soccer playing on evenings during the week, and the demands of work, I haven’t been able to spend any time providing new music to you. In the real world, I’ve been accosted by a couple of fans of the site who know me well, and so, to them, and to you all, I’d like to apologise.

This won’t make up for it – but it might ease the pain a little.


Hawksley Workman is actually the stage name of Ryan Corrigan, a Canadian “rock singer-songwriter”, apparently. I got my hands on an album (2008’s “Between the Beautifuls”), and this song eally jumped out at me. “No Stillness and No Rain” is a mid-tempo melodic rock song, with some rather excellent, obscure lyrics and imagery, and a very anthemic chorus.

“Remember your heart, the darkest assassination. Remember your purer times, and think of your joy and arch of your inspiration. Stop saying “how lost am I?” And if I cried it just might take forever. No stillness and no rain. The thought of loving you is gone. No stillness and no rain. You’re not in control. You could just die tomorrow, and particles of your light would emanate on to some cold and distant planet and you would be wiser still.”

Add in the emotional shouty repetition of the chorus at 2 minutes 10 seconds, and you have a song to, uhm, get your melancholy on to….

Hawksley Workman – No Stillness And No Rain