Chilling Sunshine

I’ve seen Sunshine again recently – my favourite science fiction film for some time. Actually, my favourite film full stop for some time.

I honestly believe it to be the greatest visual & aural masterpiece I’ve ever seen – the visuals are awe-inspiring, but the audio….the audio….

The audio ties intimately into the film – supporting every single scene, every single visual; Looping and swirling and embedding; at times slinking under your skin, quietly affecting you without your knowledge, and at others, completely sweeping over you, beating your senses into submission, plowing through your core.

If you haven’t seen it, and intend to, the video may spoil a little, so avoid. If you’ve seen it, or if you don’t intend to (and if not, why not?), then watch, and feel your chest fill up; your lungs fill; your breath catch; and your muscles tense….

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