A Confession

I deleted a large chunk of my music collection last night. On purpose.

What?!?, I hear you scream. How could you?!?, I hear you yell.

(Well, I don’t. But humour me).

Don’t worry, dearest reader. This blog will still live, and my passion for music continues. Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching my music collection grow, and discovering new music from all sides. But I’ve also been, on occasion, browsing sadly through my music collection. Why? Because I started to notice that every time I was putting albums on my MP3 player, I’d forget about two or three I really wanted to include. Because I would get so overwhelmed with the sheer number of songs, I’d load up my littler MP3 player with my old favourites, and yet regret not having Two Gallants or Griffin House or Joshua James on there….


And the epiphany hit – I had too much music. Correction, I had too much music I would never listen to. My hard disk was full of albums I got some time ago, back in the ether, where I liked one song from an album, but no others. Or where I had collected genres, not artists. And so last night, I bit the bullet. The Movielife? Deleted. Thrice? Deleted. Zwan, Thursday, Lo Pro? Deleted, deleted, deleted. I did mark some albums for reinclusion at some stage – the aforementioned Thursday do deserve another go some day. But today, I have a more streamlined music collection (still a couple of thousand albums, though), and a feeling like a weight has lifted. I’ll still probably forget to put Red Panda on my MP3 player, but at least now there’s a lower chance of it happening.

But I still have one fear – how do I keep up with the artists I love? I have a lot of artists from whom I have every album, and many more from whom I have one or two albums which I think I could learn to love. How do I track what I love most? And how do I keep up with releases and music from the newbies in my collection?

And they say music is enjoyable….


  1. I know how you feel and I want to be brave and purge along side you. These days of iTunes downloads, hypemachine links, CD baby specials, one just ends up having soo much to listen to. To be quite honest, a lot of it is worth it to keep, but you must actually listen to it, and I just don’t get to it all.

    I always fear I listened once and it didn’t immediately catch me, so I moved on. Now I go and delete/garbage it and then realize I have done a huge injustice to my collection.

    Kudos to you, one who can let go, and know it is the right thing to do. It is either this or get a larger external drive…and yes, that is what I will end up doing, don’t hate me…

  2. So very right, and here we have the quandary….I’ve given the music a chance, but it doesn’t impact on me immediately so I remove it. But you’re correct – am I doing an injustice to my collection? Probably. I’m only keeping what grabs me, what I feel is worth the effort now.

    But in the future, things could change – I may revisit an album with new, expanded tastes, and realise it’s a gem. This has already happpend, if I’m honest – the Notwists “Neon Golden”.

    I’m justifying my actions to myself by feeling I’m doing in injustice to most of my collection right now by having too much music – this allows me to spend more time on the stuff I could love now. And maybe my tastes may never change ;o)

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