The Dichotomy Of My Own Mind

I just don’t understand my own head and tastes at times.

On a regular basis, I now find myself loving three, four, five similar artists – at times, almost indistinguishable from each other. But then I’ll come across another similar artist whom I don’t take to at all. It’s not a change in tastes – I’ll still return to my favourites – but sometimes, just sometimes, an artist I should love, I don’t.

At other times, I come across songs I like, and songs I love. Songs I put on repeat, and songs that stop me in whatever I’m doing, and leave me with a wistful feeling, and a smile on my face. For example….


Griffin House’s “Dance With Me”. A gorgeous tune, sung by a man with a Bono-type timbre to his voice (but don’t let that put you off). The song itself is, while not quite forgettable, one of many – similar to a lot of what is out there, but with an added element of something else, something to take it above the others. A slow, metronome rhythm; the female vocals supplementing House’s own on the chorus, and the slow build of the violins and a wall of sound throughout.

Oh, it is alright with me if you throw in the towel and let me sleep. If you throw in heart, if you throw in your peace, you’re turning me on, earning my keep. Dance with me, make it hard to lead. Oh dance with me and I’ll believe. Dance with me make it hard to leave, dance with me and I’ll believe.

And then….


Joshua James’ “Tell My Pa”. With a falsetto to rival Tom McRae, the song is absolutely heartrending to me, sinking under my skin on my first listen. Lyrics that grab you, that you can’t quite make out, but those that you can, affect. The plucked guitar and little else for most of the song, until the violin and drum line the avenue the song slowly walks down. The line that catches – “You ran and told somebody else”….

James’ pleading, pleading voice, falling to little more than a whisper at times….

Come on love. Come on drugs. I need the help, pick me up. I’m feeling low, the alcohol is wearing off. The cocaine wore a hole inside my bitter soul, my foolish pride. Call my pa, tell you saw me. Hangin’ here, the blood it stains the carpet well. You ran and told somebody else. But now its gone, the need I felt. The cocaine drug inside my head. Please leave me hangin’ here, please leave me hangin’ here.

There are those I like. And those I love. “Dance with me”. And “Tell My Pa”. I do wonder, why one over the other?

Griffin House – Dance With Me

Joshua James – Tell My Pa

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