Chilling Sunshine

I’ve seen Sunshine again recently – my favourite science fiction film for some time. Actually, my favourite film full stop for some time. I honestly believe it to be the greatest visual & aural masterpiece I’ve ever seen – the visuals are awe-inspiring, but the audio….the audio…. The audio ties intimately into the film –(…)

A Confession

I deleted a large chunk of my music collection last night. On purpose. What?!?, I hear you scream. How could you?!?, I hear you yell. (Well, I don’t. But humour me). Don’t worry, dearest reader. This blog will still live, and my passion for music continues. Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching my(…)

The Dichotomy Of My Own Mind

I just don’t understand my own head and tastes at times. On a regular basis, I now find myself loving three, four, five similar artists – at times, almost indistinguishable from each other. But then I’ll come across another similar artist whom I don’t take to at all. It’s not a change in tastes –(…)