Another One To Split The Crowd….

Another unique voice that you’ll love or hate (although going by the comments to date on the blog, it seems that you’ll all love it….)


Two Gallants, a two-man band from San Francisco, do a natty line in melodic folk rock, exeplified by “Despite What You’ve Been Told”,
with an insistent plucked guitar line, punctuated with Adam Stephens’ falsetto and drumming by Tyson Vogel that errs more on the side of a melodic accompaniment rather than an overpowering beat.

And how can you not love a song with lines like “But you know by now it’s half past late, and I only came here for escape. But you, you’re just my next mistake, like me to you ” and “I should set the steel trap of your thighs, and dive right in”?

Two Gallants – Despite What You’ve Been Told

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