How Could I Not Post This?

The polar opposite to Joshua James (see my last post, you irregular reader…), as soon as I heard this, I couldn’t help but post it. In line with the happy-clappy songs I love (there are some well-hidden on the site), and my love of Rock Espanol, check out El Cuarteto De Nos, with “Nada Es Gratis En La Vida” (“Nothing is Free in Life”) (check out my limited Spanish!). With a start that hearkens back to the Strokes “Last Night”, and a melody that develops into something that sounds like Travis shoved into a washing machine with Reel Big Fish and Mana.

Formed in 1980 in Uruguay…I have no idea what else to say, as this is the most substantial part I managed to translate off the Wikipedia entry. Just enjoy, and apologies for my limited language ability. I blame loud music…

El Cuarteto De Nos – Nada Es Gratis En La Vida

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