I recently read that Goldfrapp had gone folk, much to the consternation of those in love with their electro roots (and apprently more in line with their first album release, “Felt Mountain”). While I’m not a huge fan of electro or dance, a couple of Goldfrapp’s tunes have found their way onto my MP3 player and into my head. However, none of this prepared me for this absolutely gorgeous tune – “A&E” is a folk ditty with some very slight electronic leanings.

The lessening of the electronic beats also allow Alison Goldfrapp’s vocals to come to the fore, and “A&E” showcases her voice – reminiscent of “Hounds of Love”-era Kate Bush, her trademark deep, throaty purrs are diluted, to be superceded throughout most of the song with a high, clear pitch.

And the video is pretty.

Goldfrapp – A&E

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