The Comment That Deserved A Post

For those of you who didn’t see the comment by Colin, check it out now. Why? Because Colin gets a very large thank you from me for introducing me to my newest passion – J. Ralph.

From his Wikipedia entry: “Joshua Ralph, better known as J. Ralph, is a musician whose songs have been featured in modern commercial advertisements for companies including Porsche, Nike, Volkswagen and Volvo. J. Ralph is unable to read or write music.”

I’m not one of those music snobs who believes that music created for advertising is wrong (although I do believe advertising is just plain wrong, and I’m also not the greatest fan of artists who sell all the music they create for use in advertising (Moby, I’m looking in your direction….)). And if you are, I urge you to leave your closed-mindedness at the door, because the creations of J. Ralph are that breathtaking. I’m going to leave you with the one Colin sent on details for….”Mi Ricordo” – Italian opera accompanied by a plucked guitar, over a repeating drum beat….Stunning.

Colin, feel free to comment any time.

J. Ralph – Mi Ricordo

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  1. Ivan — Thanks so much for the tip of the hat — I must thank you for the Wintersleep recommendation, I have listened to that song many many times since I first visited your page. If you want a equally happy song then check out Yael Naim’s New Soul.

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