Sunshine in December?

The background and incidental music for a film is vital. More often than not, that music influences the mood: providing the emotional background; creating the suspense; and reinforcing the high-impact moments. In some cases, however, the music itself is as powerful as the visual imagery (maybe even more powerful). The Danny Boyle film “Sunshine” is one of these – a great science fiction film, full of amazing visual imagery, all supporting by the greatest music I’ve heard in a film in a long, long time. As I watched the film, again and again I found the music overwhelming me, and afterwards found I wasn’t the only one – everyone talked about the pieces of music on leaving, and for days after.

Once the film was about 80% complete, Danny Boyle sent the visual work to the band Underworld, who created a score. This was then sent on to composer John Murphy, who completed it. Unfortunately, one of the pieces of music (“The Surface of the Sun”) was heavily based on Underworlds “To Heal”, and as “To Heal” was on an album not yet released, the Sunshine soundtrack was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. The Underworld album was released, but there’s still no sign of the Sunshine soundtrack….

So turn up your speakers, close your eyes, and lose yourself completely in Sunshine….

John Murphy – The Last Message

John Murphy – The Surface of the Sun

Underworld – To Heal


  1. I thought the same thing after seeing sunshine, its great to see i’m not alone. Thanks for pointing out the band who wrote the music i’ll check them out straight away. sunshine was an okey film, but the scenes put to this music were the best. They conveyed a real, strong sense of emotion and it was that which made me really like the film (along with the cinematography which accompainied it).

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