Good Taste Abounds….

You’ll notice I’ve updated my blogroll (the list of sites I link to, because I like ’em). I’ve added a large number of great sites I’ve recently come across. In keeping this blog updated, I’ve found I’ve needed to search long and hard for a lot of music – some I’ve heard before, some I’ve come across for the first time. Many of the sites in my blogroll have helped – not just for providing music, but for providing insight – these people have great taste in music, and their words have helped guide much of my music purchasing and posting over the last couple of months.


  1. cheers for the link, i’ll go do the same honour for you. i hope i do get through to people the need to buy the cd’s that they like, thats why i do it! anyway thank you very much, and a word of advice the best music magazine out there is Plan B none of your Rolling Stone stuff.

  2. Hey thanks for the link up! You’ve got some great taste in music, I’m enjoying this all you can eat music buffet you’ve got going on here! I just changed up the look & colors on my blog, so I’ll finally be adding a blog roll so I can link you back

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