A Post Here, A Post There…

I’ve had a few people ask about the intermittancy of my posting. For the last few evenings, I’ve had a long think about this I’ve prepared some old songs for posting, I’ve opened my file transfer programme, but when it comes to moving them across, I’ve found myself hesitating. Why, I head you ask? Well, I don’t. If I did, I’d be using my super-hearing powers to fight crime and earn money. But I don’t. So I’m not.

I digress. After a long evenings thinking, I realised why I found myself reluctant to work my way into my back catalogue – I want to use this site to broadcast music I find, new music for me, that really excites me (as much as some of the music on here can excite anyone…), and to post the music that really, truly affects me – whether that is new or old. So I’ve decided that I will be spending much more time posting and growing the site, but I won’t suddenly post a huge amount of songs that aren’t of the quality of those so far. The feedback I’ve received (limited as it has been) is that people are enjoying the music so far. Quality over quantity.

In addition, I’d like to open up a new avenue for music – by now, you should know what type of music I love, and what the audience of this site likes. So I encourage you – if you have a song that would be a good fit for GYMO, send it to me – contact details to the right. I’ll review it, and if I like it, it’ll be posted, with my own unique brand of commentary, and a credit to you.

Free credit!

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