Today I spent a lot of time getting new music for myself. It’s not like I need any more, given that I have hundreds of albums I still haven’t listend to fully. But in my wanderings, I found a number of great websites catering to my tastes, and on one of these, Matthew Ryan.

A couple of years ago, I got my hands on an album called Concussion, by the aforementioned Mister Ryan. It was difficult to listen to for any length of time – harsh, sparce, desolate. His voice was dry and hoarse, and the songs themselves got under your skin and left you red raw.

Today, I discovered even more Matthew Ryan. I’ll be putting some of it up here for your aural pleasure. Be warned – his other work, while not as cut-back and downright depressed as “Concussion”, is still pretty heavy going, even for a melancholist. But it’s worth every effort you put into it. After a single listen of the song “Chrome”, I knew, just knew, it had to be put up here.

It’s not the things that I can’t change, that bother me. It’s not the things that I don’t know, that undermine me. It’s not the thing that I can’t hold or the balancing wire that broke, that throws me. It’s not the fact that you walked out, that bewilders me. It’s not the sleep that I can’t steal, that wires me. It’s not the coffee or the pills, it’s not this space that I can’t fill that kills me. Well in case you didn’t know, I’ve got a heart made of chrome. It’s been bent ’til it was twisted. And in case you didn’t know, I’ve got a heart made of chrome. It’s been burned, but it’s still willing to try, and shine.

Matthew Ryan – Chrome

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