Television Officially Becomes A Better Source Of Music Distribution Than Radio

It’s a strange thing to say, but watching Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, and various other random television shows has proved to me that television now has better music than radio.

Well, not really – much of what’s featured on the shows, while excellent, is quite derivative. Listening to any one of the latest sad songs on an episode of Scrubs, you can almost guarantee that:

(1) It sounds like all the other sad songs of Scrubs, and;
(2) It will be featured in one of the other television shows when they need a sad song, and will sound like all the other sad songs on those television shows.

However, I’ve found Scrubs in particular to be a rich source of great music, and it has taught me to listen to background music in all television shows, and (often after a lengthy scramble for paper and a pen) take note of the lyrics of songs, and track down songs and artists regularly. I’ve also recently discovered, and often find myself meandering around the complete track listing of every single episode of Scrubs and the official Grey’s Anatomy listings.

So, this is Acres – a very typical Scrubs Anatomy song. Catchy, pretty, affecting, and forgettable.

Acres – Walking Next To You

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