Bandname Like Angry Teenagers. Song With A Misleading Start.

Yes, you’re right, for the first 47 seconds of this song, you’re listening to “Joy to the World”.

And then….and then….

Believe me when I say I love you, dear. Believe me when I tell you not to fear. That Autumn morning, everything was clear. Believe me when I tell you not to fear…./A dollar for an afternoon with you. I know I’ve seen my best days; you’ve seen them too….

And after one of the most beautiful songs I’ve posted for quite some time, bells ring for a further five minutes or so.

It’s at times like this I wonder: “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tees gets national airplay worldwide. The band gain plaudits, and momentum. Gigs fall out of the sky and into every great venue in every city. And “Eulogy” remains an impossible-to-find gem, and not even its lyrics are available online. Again, I find myself saddened at the state of the music business today – there is so much choice, so much talent, and so much waiting to be discovered, but it’s all struggling to swim in a sea of crap. Hopefully, this blog can play a very tiny role in changing things.

The Hereafter – Eulogy

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