The Most Unexciting Video Idea In The World

There you are – a high-flying video director. You get a phone call – it’s America’s best band, asking YOU to create their new video. You! SO you run home, and think, and think, and think. You create storyboard after storyboard. Hundreds, no, thousands of sheets of paper are used in your quest for this – your biggest break. This could make your career. You may never need to work again!

After weeks, weeks of hard work, you sit down with the band, and you unveil your idea – the greatest idea you’ve ever had. The greatest video that will ever be made.

It’s a group of people at a party. They start to move to the music. And then they dance. The end.

The band stare at you – are they going to throw you out on your ear? Or are they going to take a chance?


  1. i dont mean to disprove your thought on the video. But i think it has a more personal meaning. The front picture of the Nationals boxer cd, is a picture taken of them playing at one of their friends (and managers) wedding. And the video resembles the setting of the picture, and seems to be set at a wedding. So its possible the meaning was simply to re-create the event, any way food for thought. Thanks for the add too, zak (from dont think twice its alright).

  2. You’re welcome for the add, and fair point on the video. However, wedding or not, personal or no, meaningful or nay, it’s still not exactly the most exciting video in the world ;o)

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