Unpronouncable Song. Incomprehensible Lyrics. Tingly Feeling When Listened To.

Sigur Rós are a strange, strange band. Strange with a capital S. With a single band member (the keyboardist) with musical training, and many songs (and a full album!) sung in “Vonlenska” (or “Hopelandic” in English), a completely fake language with no consistent grammar structure, word meaning, or indeed words, and instead composed of meaningless syllables, it’d be easy to ignore them as eccentric. However, when you’re faced with songs like “Njósnavélin” – a song of absolute etheral beauty – it’s very hard to keep thinking that way.

Have a listen. Sing along. It’s not as if you’ll get the words wrong…

Sigur Rós – Njósnavélin

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  1. Beautiful song. Great post! Me and my friend decided to write down the lyrics we heard from listening. It’s amazing how different we interpreted it, and how nice our lyrics were anyway :)

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