Is It A Band? Is It A Solo Artist? Why Do The Lyrics To This Song Affect Me?

Rasmus Kellerman – the man known as Tiger Lou. Writing every word, playing every instrument, singing every song, he’s the definition of a one-man-band. However, when he’s on the road touring, he has a full band with him. What an irrelevant piece of information. So, let’s jump to the fact: this song, this one song, got under my skin when I listened to it for the first time, and continues to do so. Two lines above all else haunt….

Faking sleep to avoid a conversation, with the lady sitting next to me. I say i’m sorry to hear about your husband, now would you please leave me be? She turns her head and starts to cry, I apologise and gently rub her hand. An hour passes, we read our books, buckle up and get ready to land.

I really don’t know completely why, but this song really affects me. I think it’s the reality of it: the simple, unassuming lyrics of wanting, and being willing, to trying again. It could be the return to the woman he loves. It could be the return to the city he once was in. Whatever meaning to derive from this song is up to you – I’ll just be happy you’ve listened to it, and hope it gets under your skin like it did mine.

Get my bags board the train, next stop london second time around. I say a silent prayer to the lord above, I made it through and i’m still alive and sound. I know we’ve had our differences, but our love just never seems to fade, and when the good times come around, it’s worth the lot on this I won’t be swayed. Thinking about the things I left and the life I could’ve had, but then your kiss reminds of that the life I live ain’t all that bad….Everything is easier the second time around

Tiger Lou – Second Time Around

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