Sometimes little things happen that really do make me think that predestination exists.

Years ago, I heard a song that has stayed with me. An organ begins, and muted lyrics flow underneath….”Don’t i hold you like you want to be held, and don’t i treat you like you want,and don’t i love you like you want to be loved”

You can barely make out the words, but the feeling overpowers. The emotion seeps through every part. And you strain. And you strain. And you strain – trying to make out every worth.

Eventually, I tracked down the band & song names – a very obscure band named Wheat, and “Don’t I Hold You”. For months and months, I looked for more – for the song itself. For the album it came from, “Hope and Adams”. But nothing. Not a sniff anywhere. Then, in 2003, I came across Wheat’s new album – and on that album, “Don’t I Hold you”. I pressed play on Winamp, my music player of choice, but couldn’t quite believe my ears. No muted lyrics; No overpowering organ. I could hear every word, and I could hear the other instruments. What was this? Ah….a remake, released on the soundtrack of the film Elizabethtown.

And very disappointing.

The months passed. My search continued. And then, a few days ago, I stumbled across thisiswheat.com – where Wheat’s debut album “Medeiros”, and “Hope and Adams”, were available. For free. At CD quality. What? What? Yes – “July 22, 2006: Medeiros and Hope and Adams have both been added to the site with kind permission of the band.”

An overpowering organ. Muted lyrics. Hope you love this one as much as I do.

Wheat – Don’t I Hold You

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    I run the thiswheat.com site. I was wondering what code you use for the embedded music files as I want to add some to my sites. you can email me at [] if you like.

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