Steve Tannen – Allison is Crazy

I’ve had this song in my CD collection for a few years now,and it’s always, always on my mind.I’ve often deleted it off my MP3 player, but within a couple of months, it’s back on there again.

I find it one of the most haunting songs I’ve ever come across – something profoundly moving about the lyrics: something a little sad, a little scary. Something that sends a shiver down my spine every time.

“Allison is crazy, in grace amazing, she’s a dreamer never came to. She’s walking on my street, through the glass in her bare feet. / You come up from a subway just before the new day, wake me to ask if I’m awake. You think I oughta lose first, to find out what love’s worth, don’t you think I know the way the earth can shake.”

That single line is the one that affects me most of all – “wake me to ask if I’m awake”. This is a man who loves a woman who cannot quite deal with the world the way the rest of us can, and so she finds her own way. Crazy might be the right word, or might not.

But no matter where she wanders, no matter where her mind or body takes her, and no matter the damage inflicted on her, by either herself or others, he’s trying to follow….

“I’m just trying to get on back to you, Allison I’m crazy for you.”

Devotion. Dedication. Love.

Steve Tannen – Allison Is Crazy


  1. Wow: Ivan being right, and the Flan admitting it. Two firsts in just one post…. :)

    Song really is haunting. In a very good way.

  2. Steve Tannen has another song about going to see his brother uptown and his brother slips some money into his jeans pocket as he knows he is broke. He also has an amazing song called Sing me to Sleep about ab aging star – I always think it is about Marrianne Faithful.

    Just stumbled here from FB ad. IS this really a site for melancholy songs ‘cos they are the ones I love. Ray La Montagne, Rufus Wainwright…. :)

  3. Wow I just saw I have discovered this site before and then forgot about it. Hmm. I will remember to bookmark it this time!! A treasure trove.
    J x

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