onelinedrawing – Superhero

Crazy name, haunting lyrics. onelinedrawing (or Jonah Matranga to his friends) has a nice little line in songs that make you think.

“When you make someone into a superhero, know that they will fly, and they will see right through you, they will burn so bright that they will make you blind”.

On the surface, a song about Superman (or Batman. Although Batman can’t fly without help. Spiderman, maybe, but that rules out the flying altogether).

Dig a little deeper, and maybe, just maybe, it’s about the person you fall in love with. And when you do, when you elevate them to a higher position,you’d better be aware that you’re enabling them to fly from you; to see the real you; and giving them the ability to blind you to their flaws….

Or maybe it’s about the X-Men.

onelinedrawing – Superhero

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