So Angry, I Shout At The Television

I’ve been unfortunate enough to watch Mobileact two weeks in a row now. The second time, today,was to see if what I thought from the first time was true, or if I was mistaken.

Unfortunately, I’m not. This detestable, despicable programme is proof that the UK music scene is completely and utterly destroyed.

The promise: “This competition is about unearthing real talent – young bands that write and perform their own music. The search is led by a panel of some of the most credible experts in the music industry: Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley, Blur’s Bassist Alex James and the head of A & M Records Simon Gavin. All the initial auditions and selection process took place on this site. Unsigned bands submitted their own tracks and photos here before the best were invited to filmed auditions. Fans were also able to vote online to ensure that their favourite bands made it through to the audition stage.”

The truth: sh*t band after sh*t band applied. The vast majority started with “The”, and were derivative of all the other crap available today – the Fratellis, the Kooks, Dirty Pretty Things, Boy Kill Boy, the Rakes, the Stills, etc, etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong – some of these guys have great songs. But only one or two. All the rest is forgettable nonense. And all these crap, crap, crap, same-sounding bands played in front of some people who should know better – I always thought Jo Whiley, of the three, would have some taste. I’m very much mistaken. And each week, a guest judge! Lilly Allen, an absolute insult to music, the first time I saw it (who voted one band through, and got the lead singer’s phone number….), and Just Jack, an absolute one-hit-wonder waiting to happen, the second time. What has gone wrong on the UK scene?

Although I guess the disease has spread further. The European Music Awards took place on the second of November. Ultimate Urban Award: Rihanna? Band of 2007: Linkin Park? Solo Artist of 2007: Avril Lavigne? Seriously – where has it all gone wrong, when absolute, cookie-cutter crap like the above can win awards?

There are hundreds, thousands, of original artists out there, just waiting for the chance to succeed, working, sweating, and breaking their backs to have one chance. Just one. Please. Use the internet to search, to explore. Expand your taste and your views. Help these guys succeed, and stop the decline.

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