Jason Ferris – Listen To You (Well, Listen To Him, And Download His Album. For Free)

There I was, working my way through Last FM’s rather excellent playlists (if you haven’t signed up yet, go and do it! The single best way to discover new music quickly. Apart from buying a HMV shop. On second thoughts, maybe not, given that HMV has a lot of generic, cookie-cutter, cloned “artists”. Best to stick with Last.fm).

I was feeling in a singer-songwriter type of mood, and listening to similar artists to Matt Nathanson. Preoccupied with something else on my computer, I left it running in the background, and quite good, but generic, music trickled through my consciousness. And then all of a sudden a song caught my attention. Jason Ferris’ “Listen to You”.

The surprising thing was the comment on the Last.fm artist information page….”Album available….”, “free….”, “download….”, “www.jasonferris.com….” What??? Seriously???

Yes, seriously. I heavily recommend visiting www.jasonferris.com now, and work your way to his music section. You’ll be able to download his entire album, at a very high quality, for free.

And it’s good. In fact, it’s more than good. It’s excellent.

EDIT: For those of you with a short attention span – download Jason’s full album, “All I Said” and Jason’s song “Whiteout” – thanks to Jason himself for the comment below, and the links!

Jason Ferris – Listen To You


  1. LOVE Jason Ferris’ work – simply beautiful lyrics, and lovely guitar. Definitely not just “good”…. but as you say – excellent.

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