Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day

For the second time recently, a band/musician/clothing brand I really amn’t a big fan of manages to surprise me. Today, it’s everyone’s favourite shouty-whiney-angry band, Linkin Park, and the man with the least shouty-whiney-angry name ever, Chester Bennington.

Reading reviews for Linkin Park’s new album, things are not all rosy in the garden (or mosh pit). LP have moved away from their trademark shouty-whiney-angry music with shouting, rapping, scratching, and more guitars than letters in Chester’s name, and have moved into generic shouty-whiney-angry rock in order to keep up with all the other crap out there at the moment. Interesting move. Not too sure how good it’ll do the careers, boys.

However, in the rush to mediocrity, LP have accidentally released a song worthy of appearing on this site. “Shadow of the Day” is not going to be a huge hit. It’s going to be forgotten about within a week. But during that week, it’ll go round and round in my MP3 player. Nice, non-threatening, ballad-like rock. Thanks, Chester.

Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day

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